Mount Vernon Assembly

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The Mount Vernon Assembly was a small gathering of power-broker wannabees who seek to convene a Convention of the States to change the U.S. Constitution. Only about three legislators from perhaps 30 states attended, most of whom were presumably RINOs, attended.

The list of attendees has been withheld from the public, which is another sign of weakness in the effort. But a letter to the editor claimed that the following delegates from Virginia attended:[1]

  • Senator Frank Ruff, a supporter of taxes increases in a transportation bill (Virginia HB 2313).
  • Delegate David Albo, another supporter of tax increases in the same transportation bill.
  • Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter, who won reelection by only 1%.
  • Delegate Jim Le Munyon, who also voted for tax increases in the above transportation bill.

And these politicians think they need to revise the U.S. Constitution to halt government spending?

Interest Groups Pushing This

Several special interest groups and individuals are pushing for a Convention of the States. Michael Farris is promoting it heavily. Roman Buehler advocates for it.[2] The Goldwater Institute, which is not pro-life, is pushing it also. Several talk-radio personalities are pushing it too, such as Mark Levin and Glenn Beck.