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Mycenae (in Greek, Mykonos) is the site of a fortified palace complex in southern Greece that controlled a late Bronze Age kingdom. In Homer's epic poems, Mycenae was the base of King Agamemnon, who commanded the Greeks besieging Troy.[1]

Mycenaean civilization

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Contemporary archaeologists call the complex Greek society of the second millennium B.C. "Mycenanean." Their language was similar to Greek, and their cities were at Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and others. Mycenae had hegemony over most of the Aegean area at the time.

It was the Mycenaean Civilization that fought the famous Trojan War of mythology.

The civilization of Mycenae was highly advanced for its time, both in art and in science. The height of its power was roughly contemporaneous with God's calling unto Abraham, about 1900 BC.

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