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The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is an atheistic creature of the US Congress, established as a non-profit organization. It advocates forcing the teaching the theory of evolution in U.S. public schools, to the exclusion of creation science and intelligent design. The NCSE acted as a consultant for the plaintiffs in the 2005 Kitzmiller vs. Dover Trial.[1]

The NCSE is responsible for "Project Steve", a propaganda campaign based on a logically-fallacious argument ad populum.

NCSE, atheism and liberal Christianity

See also: Atheism and liberal Christianity alliances

The atheist Eugenie C. Scott served as an Executive Director of the NCSE and a considerable amount of her time was spent working with liberal Christians as far as supporting the teaching of evolution in public schools.

At the same time, the atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers wrote about NCSE favoring liberal Christianity:

It’s still going on. Jerry Coyne repeated our common criticism that the NCSE spends too much effort promoting Christianity; then Richard Hoppe fires back, complaining that his comment was held in moderation (Coyne has been sick for a while, you know…I wish people would have more patience), and then repeating the common and misguided defense that NCSE is not an atheist organization. We know. We’ve both agreed on multiple occasions that the NCSE should not be an atheist organization. But still we get this same tiresome objection.
NCSE’s main remit is defending the teaching of evolution in the public schools. That defense is both legal (think Kitzmiller) and political (think the Dover PA school board election after that trial but before the verdict was in). One cannot win political battles without accepting alliances with groups with whom one does not agree on all aspects of all issues. To imagine otherwise is to live in dreamland.

Yes? Please look in a mirror, Richard!

As I’ve said before, said just above, am saying again, and will no doubt have to say a hundred times more, no one is asking the NCSE to become an atheist organization, and no one is saying that the NCSE shouldn’t make strategic alliances with religious organizations. I’d put it in 72 point type if I thought it would help, but I doubt that anything will.

The problem is that the NCSE is not neutral on atheism vs. religion, but has clearly taken a side in preferring one particularly fuzzy, liberal, soft version of Christianity as its ‘acceptable’ religious belief.[2]

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