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NationStates is a fictional nation-simulation website created by socialist Australian author Max Barry on November 13, 2002 to promote his anti-capitalist book Jennifer Government. The website is notable for its heavy population of liberals, who regularly engage in liberal deceit, liberal denial, and double standard to silence conservatives and Christians and prevent biblical or logical arguments from being seen; and for openly plagiarizing Conservapedia with its "Conservative" theme, which allows users to display the Conservapedia logo with the word "Nationstates" replacing the word "Conservapedia." [1]

Jennifer Government

Max Barry's 2002 novel served as inspiration for NationStates, which Barry intended to use to drum up interest in his book before it ballooned into a safe-haven for liberals to compare logical fallacies without fear of logical rebuttal from conservatives. The novel is notable for its many socialist and communist themes and attacks on the free market, as the book takes place in an extremely privatized future, including depictions of AT&T and Verizon employees being shot on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the painting of Nike's marketing department as a villainous organization willing to sanction murder to promote a new shoe.[2]

NationStates and Liberalism

With the book's blatant appeal to liberal wishful thinking, the website quickly attracted a massive amount of liberal users, who soon outnumbered conservative users and drew false authority from the logical fallacy of proof by numbers to shout down any conservative argument with waves of illogical rebuttals and strawmen. While the presence of a forum on the website could have allowed it to become a vein for conservatives to demonstrate the superiority of their position and rebut many of the points presented in the book and by liberalism at large, the overwhelming population of liberals make it impossible, as any point that does not line up with their twisted worldview is dismissed out-of-hand and falsely mocked as incorrect. Repeated claims of bias to the site admins have gone unanswered, indicating that the liberal bias is not only present among the common users but also among those who are supposed to ensure fair debate.

Evidence of Liberal Bias in Site Administration

Max Barry does not allow user-created nations to use the swastika on their flags, but does allow the communist hammer and sickle emblem, under which far more people have been murdered, in a clear example of liberal double standard. Challenges to this stance are repeatedly shut down by site admins without explanation.[3]

As noted above, conservative appeals to the administrators about the unfair treatment received at the hands of liberals, who far outnumber them are summarily dismissed.

The website bans any use of "political nicknaming" (i.e. referring to Barack Obama as "Barack Obummer"), and the rule is mainly used to silence conservatives from mocking the mistakes of liberal leaders or making unfavorable comparisons between them and other leaders ("Hitler-y Clinton"), while liberals are allowed to unfairly mock conservatives at will, with tactics that approach libel.


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