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Nationwide Tea Party Coalition also known as the was organized on February 20, 2009 to protest out-of-control spending by politicians in Washington D.C. and their stimulus legislation. The original leaders of this group, Top Conservatives on Twitter was represented by Michael Patrick Leahy, the #dontgo movement (now known as the American Liberty Alliance) was represented by Eric Odom, and Smart Girl Politics was represented by Stacy Mott, organized their first Tea Party February 27, 2009 simultaneously in 51 cities.[1] American Solutions, an organization of Newt Gingrich, joined the coalition March 17, 2009. The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition organized the successful Tax Day Tea Party protest ( on April 15, 2009 attended by over 1 million people in 900 cities. The leadership structure was changed from 4 representatives of the groups to 30 individuals of local tea party leaders and activists.[2] In addition, they organized the buycott of Whole Foods in support of the CEO who wrote an op-ed against healthcare reform and was the target of a boycott. Their mission is to organize and launch in a rapid response nationwide projects that help advance the goal of a return to constitutionally limited government.

Core values

Limited Government as authorized by the Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets.


  • To Defeat Tax and Spend Politicians at the Polls on Election Day, November 2010.
  • To Place a Fiscally Responsible Politician as Speaker of the House of Representatives.



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