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Nero (37 - June 8, 68) was the Emperor of Rome from AD 54-68.

It is believed the apostle Peter was martyred under Nero as well as the apostle Paul.

  • In 64 A.D. the Roman Emperor Caesar Nero attempted to systematically exterminate all people who professed faith in the newly found Christian religion. Under his evil rule, Romans witnessed the worst atrocities upon his victims; he did not just kill Christians, he made them suffer extremely. Nero enjoyed dipping the Christians in tar, and impaling them on poles around his palace, he would then light them on fire, and yell: "Now you truly are the light of the world." [1]

He murdered Claudius' daughter Antonia and had his own mother killed in 59. He stole Otho's wife Poppaea and later beat her to death. Finally, he was declared a public enemy by the Senate and with mobs coming to get him, he committed suicide on June 8, 68, with the help of an eager slave. His last words were said to be, "What an artist dies in me!"[2]

Nero was called "a beast" by the pagan writer Apollonius of Tyana, a contemporary of Nero, who said of the Tyrant, "I know not how many heads it has..." .[3] And according to the system of gematria, one calculation of the numerical value of the letters for NRWN QSR (NiRoN QaiSaR), or Nero Caesar, at the time of the Roman Empire is 666. Nero's likeness and various different forms of his name were stamped on coins of the empire.[4]


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    N = 50
    R = 200
    W = 6
    N = 50
    Q = 100
    S = 60
    R = 200
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