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One America News Network is an independent cable news channel owned by Herring Networks. Based out of San Diego, CA, the network is best known for its news reports which are objective and straightforward and its conservative talk shows The Daily Ledger hosted by Graham Ledger and Tipping Point hosted by Liz Wheeler.

Wikipedia claims in its article on OANN that the channel "has been noted for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories"[1] as a means to discredit and dismiss factual reports (including claims of those stories being "debunked") that have aired on the channel,[2] but have frequently included false information about OANN and the news stories the channel has covered in the site's article[3][4] and have used liberal-biased (and thus non-credible) sources to back their claims.

OANN, a conservative news source, filed a legal brief in support of U.S. President Donald Trump being allowed to revoke CNN's Jim Acosta press pass when Fox News sided with the liberal media.[5]

OANN is a potential conservative competitor to the increasingly liberal Fox News.[6]


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