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Obamaville's across America, homeless tent cities, are the legacy of Obama's eight years of stagnant job growth, forcing employers (employer mandate) to use the funds to expand employment on their existing employees healthcare costs.

An Obamaville was a tent city or shanty town in the United States created by homeless people.[1][2][3] The term alludes to the tent cities and shanty towns called Hoovervilles that were created during the Great Depression and to the disastrous economic policies of Barack Obama. Unlike the conservative American president Calvin Coolidge who successfully turned around a depression via reduced government spending and tax cuts, President Herbert Hoover practiced left-wing economic policies like creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and nearly doubling taxes, and economic conditions greatly worsened during his administration.[4][5]

At one point during the Republican primaries for the Presidential Election 2012, Obamaville topped the list of most-viewed Republican ads.[6]

Obama policies and return of stagflation concerns

In February 2010, the Washington Times reported:

Prices rose 2.7 percent during 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' recent update of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is a worrisome fact because last year's unemployment rate averaged more than 9 percent. This trend may signal a return of "stagflation," a merger of stagnation and inflation.

In the 1970s, stagflation shocked traditional Keynesian economists, whose models said the economy could not suffer from both high unemployment and rapid inflation at the same time. Unfortunately, the Keynesians were wrong, because an economy obviously can experience both evils simultaneously...

It seems every week the Obama administration announces some new tax or mandate that will further handicap businesses. Regardless of the official definitions of recession, the economy will remain sluggish for years to come. But if the Federal Reserve continues with its reckless policies, Americans will experience high inflation on top of high unemployment. As in the late 1970s, Americans will see that the pundits are wrong, because stagflation is very real.[7]

Obamunism as a contributing cause for the creation of Obamavilles

Census poverty report figure4.jpg

Critics of the Obama administration have coined the word "Obamunism" to describe Barack Obama's socialistic and "fascism light" economic planning policies (Benito Mussolini defined fascism as the wedding of state and corporate powers. Accordingly, trend forecaster Gerald Celente labels Obama's corporate bailouts as being "fascism light" in nature).[8][9] Obamunism can also refer to Obama's ruinous fiscal policies and reckless monetary policies.[10][11][12] In February 2010, Jim Rogers, the world renowned investor, said concerning the Obama administration's monetary policy, that the European Union, Chinese, and Australian central bankers are more competent and honest than the Federal Reserve.[13] Furthermore, Mr. Rogers asserted that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, whom President Obama re-appointed to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, is "throwing gasoline on a fire" via his inflationary policies which are debasing the United States dollar.[14] Under President Obama the American government's share of the national gross domestic product has significantly increased.[15]

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