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The United States of America, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior, has "undiscovered but technically recoverable" domestic oil reserves of 139 billion barrels. This is more than Iran, Venezuela, and Russia.

Should these resources be tapped, they would furnish the U.S. with a 20-year supply of 100% domestically produced oil, similar to the tremendously successful 100% domestic oil production programs of Denmark and Brazil. In fact, Denmark now is a net exporter of oil, as they combined domestic oil production with conservation, so they produce more oil than they use; their oil has become a precious export commodity and a source of national income.

83% of all U.S. domestic oil resources are off limits to exploration and drilling by Federal law. And it is the Federal government of the United States of America that has imposed the worst oil embargo on the U.S. since the 1973 Arab oil embargo.[1]

This information was posted on Wikipedia, but was subsequently removed, because the opinion of the U.S. Department of the Interior and it's scientists does not fit the political agenda of the staff of Wikipedia. Wikipedia actively engaged in censorship and denied information to the public based solely on its own political bias. The information is scientific, factual, and verifiable, but is "an inconvenient truth" that the cenors/editors at Wikipedia found unacceptable.

While Wikipedia feels free to publish the far fetched fantasies of Michael Moore and MoveOn.org as if they were 'scholarly sources' with no political agenda, they refuse to publish the unbiased findings of the U.S. Department of the Interior about U.S. domestic oil reserves.[2]

Replenishing Oil Reserves

Research has shown[3] that—contrary to the Darwinian belief that all oil was formed from the decaying carcasses of dinosaurs through a process that takes millions of years, which serves as the underlying philosophy of Peak Oil theorists—oil can, and does, form rapidly. While most of our current oil supply was formed during the Great Flood circa 4300 years ago, the rate of replenishment through rapid oil formation could be sufficient to keep human society flourishing indefinitely.


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