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Paleoconservatism is a movement that originated in the United States, by classical conservatives of the old right, that opposed the neoconservative movement. The term has since then become popular worldwide, today used to describe classical conservatives throughout the western world.

Paleoconservatives by region

Paleoconservatives outside the United States generally agree on social and economic issues with their American counterparts, but emphasize different political goals in the different regions of the world.

United States

For paleoconservative beliefs held in the United States and throughout the world in general, see paleoconservative.


Canadian paleoconservatives put strong emphasis on their opposition to British imperialism and desire Canada to become a republic. They also support the preservation of Quebec's French Culture as well as their right to secede.

Latin America

Paleoconservatives in Latin America are generally traditionalist Catholics and stress their religious heritage. They strongly oppose the common corruption and the growth of socialism in Latin American politics. They also strongly oppose the intermarriage and miscegenation of their European culture with the Native Americans. Many have supported missionary projects to their homelands of Spain and Portugal.


European paleoconservatives desire the return of Europe to its Christian tradition and values. It strongly opposes the immigration and integration of non-Westerners, especially North African and Arab Muslims, into Europe. Paleoconservatives generally oppose the existence European Union and especially the formation of one European Government, as they see it as a threat to the perseverance of the different ethnic cultures in Europe.


Paleoconservatives in Australia and New Zealand generally oppose mass immigration from Asia, and see Asians in Australia as a threat to their culture, economic and political power. They also seek to preserve their own European heritage, along with that of the indigenous Maori and Aborigines. Similar to that of Canadian paleoconservatism, Australasian paleoconservatives also seek independence from Great Britain.

South Africa

The Boers of South Africa hold paleoconservative views. Boer paleoconservatism strongly emphasizes Ethnic Nationalism, Republicanism, Calvinism and a non-interventionist foreign policy, as well as strong opposition to British imperialism, communism and all forms of liberalism.