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This article is a glossary concerning most if not every paraphilia ever diagnosed and is an extension of the main article.

Was previously considered a paraphilia

  1. Homosexuality
  2. Bisexuality (Per technicality)
  3. Pansexuality (Per technicality)

Unusual sexual behavior not considered a paraphilia

  1. Heteroeroticism
    Poses, behaviors or pornography appealing to heterosexuality. A man and a woman naked having sex in bed is considered heteroeroticism, also see voyeurism.
  2. Homoeroticism
    Identical to Heteroeroticism, with instead the goal to arouse homosexual people.

Deviant paraphilias, but harmless

Note that they may overlap.

  1. Fetishism
    It is the sexual arousal granted from a nonliving object or body parts (Also known as partialism). Some examples below.
    1. Podophilia
      Sexual arousal from feet.
    2. Pygophilia
      Sexual arousal from buttocks, arguably the most common one out of all the fetishes.
    3. Alvinolagnia
      Sexual arousal from stomachs, it is often a massive contributor to fat-fetishism in the United States.
    4. Feederism
      Force-feeding fetish.
    5. panty or underwear fetishism
    6. Vorarephilia
      Someone eating or getting eaten whole.
    7. Balloon fetishism
  2. Sado-masochism
    1. Omorashi
      Someone pissing themselves.
    2. "Forced clothing" fetish
      This fetish is characterized by forcing a person, fictional or otherwise to wear a specific set of clothing for either sexual or humiliation purposes. An extension of that fetish is the "costume fetish" (or "fursuit fetish" when speaking of furries) where the person is forced to wear a face-covering costume. Could also fall under the category of bondage if the costume prevents the person from moving properly.
  3. Bondage
  4. Gerontophilia
    Sexual attraction to the elderly.
  5. Gynandromorphophilia
    Sexual attraction geared toward Transgender people.
  6. Transvestism
    Wearing clothes of the opposite sex.

Complete sexual degeneracy

  1. Exhibitionism
    The sexual arousal from showing one's own genitals.
  2. Frotteurism
    The sexual arousal from sticking to someone else.
  3. Voyeurism
    The sexual arousal from observing someone naked or having sexual intercourse without his consent.
  4. Pedophilia
  5. Autopedophilia (DDLG/ABDL)
    Also known as Paraphilic infantilism. Involves exclusively adults pretending to be kids.
  6. Zoophilia
    Sexual attractions to nonconsenting animals. Any sexual intercourse between a man and his pet is called "Bestiality".
  7. Necrophilia
    Sexual attraction to dead people.
  8. Scatophilia or Coprophilia
    Sexual attraction to feces.
  9. Biastophilia
    Sexual arousal from raping a nonconsenting person.
  10. Zoosadism
    See animal abuse.

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