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Patrick Lancaster

Patrick Lancaster

Patrick Lancaster is an American journalist reporting from Donbas on the Donbas war and NATO war in Ukraine since 2014. Lancaster is an ex-Navy SEAL who lives in Donetsk. He is married with two children.

Lancaster also covers the Armenia-Azerbaijan war in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Lancaster was an art student in Italy in 2010 when he met his wife, originally from Donbas. The couple have 2 children and lived together in Donetsk up to 2022, when the wife and 2 children were forced to flee to Rostov because of the indiscriminate shelling of civilians by the Kyiv regime and its NATO backers. Lancaster remained behind to report on the NATO aggression against Donbas civilians.

Lancaster appears on the SBU's CIA and US taxpayer-backed Neo-Nazi kill list.[1]


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