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The Vision of St. Bernard,1489.

Pietro Perugino (Pietro Vanucci) (Umbria 1448 - Fontignano 1523) was an Italian painter. He worked in Perugia, Rome, Venice, Mantua, and other cities. He was influenced by Andrea del Verrocchio, and Piero della Francesca

The Delivery of the Keys, (1482) is considered his best work. Other works include: The Vision of St. Bernard, (1489), The Crucifixion with the Virgin, St. John, St. Jerome and St. Mary Magdalene, (ca. 1485), The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Two Angels, St. Rose, and St. Catherine, Pietà, (1493-1494), The Combat of Love and Chastity, (1503). He was known as a good portrait painter.

Perugino played an important role in formation of his outstanding pupils Pinturiechio and Raphael, the most classic master of the High Renaissance, whose fame outshined the fame of his teacher. [1]

The Delivery of the Keys. 1482. Fresco. Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy.

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