Political correctness on college campuses

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Political correctness has pervaded the campuses of colleges and universities. This trend has been especially frequent, heightened, and dangerous since the election of President Donald John Trump (see Left-wing violence in the Trump era).

Both mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro[1][2] and homosexual movement conservative Milo Yiannopoulis[3] have been prevented from speaking at college campuses. UC-Berkeley, which shut down Ann Coulter[4] as well as Milo, has become infamous for shutting down free speech, a right which it once championed.[5]

Classical liberal Jewish philosopher and historian Deborah Lipstadt has listed several instances of left-wing protesters shutting down pro-Israel or otherwise politically incorrect speakers at various colleges and universities, in her book Antisemitism.[6]

The conservative activist group Turning Point USA, led by Charlie Kirk, has worked to actively oppose the leftist silencing of free speech and differing opinions at these campuses.[7]