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Pope Anacletus, Anencletus, Cletus
Papacy Began:
23 September 76
Papacy Ended:
A.D. 88 or 91 (?)

Saint Linus Successor:
Saint Clement

Saint Anacletus or Cletus was the third Pope and second successor to Saint Peter, about whom little is known with certainty save that he died a martyr, perhaps in A.D. 88 or 91. He drew up the rules for the concecration of bishops. In the area of the Vatican, near the tomb of Saint Peter, he had an oratory built for the burial of martyrs. He was also responsible for rules governing ecclesiastical dress.
He is mentioned by name as Anencletus in the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius, Book III, Chapters XIII, and XV:
Chapter XIII Anencletus, the Second Bishop of Rome

AFTER Vespasian had reigned about ten years, he was succeeded by his son Titus ; in the second year of whose reign, Linus, bishop of the church at Rome, who had held the office about twelve years, transferred it to Anencletus. But Titus was succeeded by Domitian, his brother, after he had reigned two years and as many months.

Chapter XV Clement, the Third Bishop of Rome
IN the twelfth year of the same reign, after Annencletus had been bishop of Rome twelve years, he was succeeded by Clement, who, the apostle, in his Epistle to the Philippians, shows, had been his fellow labourer, in these words : “ With Clement and the rest of my fellow labourers, whose names are in the book of life.”

quotations verbatim of Book III, Chapter XIII Anencletus, the Second Bishop of Rome (p. 89), and Chapter XV Clement, the Third Bishop of Rome (p. 90), The Ecclesiastical History Of Eusebius Pamphilus: Bishop Of Caesarea, In Palestine, Translated from the Greek, by The Rev. C. F. Crusé, Assistant Professor in the University of Pennsylvania. With notes from the Edition of Valesius. Published London: George Bell and Sons, York Street. Covent Garden 1874. London: Printed by William Clowes and Sons, Stamford Street and Charing Cross. —In the public domain (boldface highlight added.)

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