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Power Line

Power Line is a popular and award-winning conservative blog. The website was founded by two Minneapolis based lawyers John Hineraker and Scott Johnson and Washington, D.C. based lawyer Paul Mirengoof.[1] Power Lines founders stated that the blog was created to counter mainstream media “obscurity”.[2]

It rose to national public attention in September 2004, when it questioned the validity of the 60 Minutes and CBS News documents that claimed that George W. Bush had gone Absent Without Official Leave during his years in the military. The documents were later shown to be forged and the controversy is now infamously known as “Rathergate”.[3]

The site receives an estimated average of 51,000 visitors a day[4]., and received over half million visits on election day.[5]

In 2004, Time Magazine named Power Line the Blog of the Year.[6]

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