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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about Labor unions.

  1. Hillary Clinton woos foreign firms for outsourcing US jobs; angers labor unions Los Angelas Times
  2. Labor Unions outsource picket lines, exploit the poor and most vulnerable with low wages, no benefits, and cheat the government out of uncollected taxes. Washington Post
  3. U.S. presidential hopeful Obama tells union crowd he won't shop at Wal-Mart -- Staff reports campaign purchases the same day.
    Rudy Giuliani.jpg
  4. Firefighters Vs. Giuliani - International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) smears Rudy Giuliani. FactCheck says that even though the union claims they're non-partisan, records show the IAFF leans heavily Democratic.
  5. James Sherk at the American think-tank the Heritage Foundation says "liberal defenders of the welfare state like to present themselves as defenders of the poor." The unions are hurting the poor by blocking the modernization of the Indiana welfare system. Fox News article[1]