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Pro-drilling is a term to describe Americans who feel that the USA should be leading the world in energy production. Due to our vast resources, wealth and technology, pro-drilling advocates want an "all of the above" solution to the energy crisis.

The "all of the above" solution starts with drilling for oil first. This strategy is to be part of a larger national energy policy that includes oil, shale, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar as well as new nuclear power-plant construction. A major campaign in the pro-drilling movement is the "Drill Here!, Drill Now!" effort. Citizens by the millions have signed up with American Solutions to support drilling initiatives.

Pro-drilling gained major support in response to the extremely high gasoline prices that have been inflicted upon the American consumer since the summer of 2005. This effort has become absolutely necessary due to Democratic congressional leaders refusal to drill for oil. Instead, Democratic politicians are allied with extremist environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club. Plus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made narcissistic comments such as "I am trying to save the planet." [1] The environmentalists' motives are clearly questionable. Plus, other humans worldwide are suffering from starvation because gasoline prices have made food unaffordable.

Recently, Pro-drilling supporters were mocked by Speaker Pelosi as the "two-cents-in-10-years-crowd." [2] This attitude proves the Democratic leadership has no intention of lifting drilling bans off the continental shelf or in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Lindsey Williams (a Baptist minister who was a chaplain on the 1970s Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline) in his 1980 book The Energy Non-Crisis claims to have personally witnessed an oil find at a location called Gull Island which would have made the United States energy independent indefinitely, but the company was ordered by government regulators not to produce that well.[3]

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