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Reza Aslan (born May 3, 1972) is an Iranian-American author, columnist, professor of creative writing at the University of California, Riverside, former CNN anchor and far-Left activist.

Aslan is an advocate for religious freedom and the protection for religious minorities throughout the Middle East.[1] He has demanded that that Iran stop the "horrific human rights abuses" against its Baha'i community.[2]

Aslan is a Muslim who converted to Christianity at the age of fifteen and then converted back to Islam shortly before enrolling as a student at Harvard University.

Educational background

Aslan's educational background is in religious studies and the history of religion. He has a PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Twitter controversy

On August 4, 2019, Aslan publicly mused on Twitter about wanting to "eradicate" Kellyanne Conway, which earned him heavy criticism on his tweet in response as he was called out for openly making a death threat against her.[3] Azlan lashed out viciously and profanely against his critics in a subsequent racist tweet where he attempted to change the subject to save face by projecting his own racism onto them, and he also viciously attacked Ivanka Trump in another racist tweet in response when she tweeted about white supremacy needing to be destroyed; both of Aslan's tweets only earned him even more massive waves of harsh criticism against him.


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