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Richard Dawkins, who is a liberal, speculates that a "gay gene" causes homosexuality, but science has not discovered such a gene (see: Causes of homosexuality)[1] In 1993, Professor Miron Baron, M.D., the renowned medical researcher and Professor at Columbia University, wrote in BMJ (British Medical Journal) that there is a conflict relative to the theory of evolution and the notion of genetic determinism concerning homosexuality. Dr. Baron wrote "...from an evolutionary perspective, genetically determined homosexuality would have become extinct long ago because of reduced reproduction."[2] In the United States, liberals are more likely to believe in the theory of evolution.[3] Also, in the United States, twice as many liberals as conservatives (46% versus 22%) believe people are born homosexual and liberals generally have more favorable opinions about homosexuality.[4] Given Dr. Miron Baron's commentary about homosexuality, many American liberals are inconsistent on the issues of evolution and homosexuality.

Dr. Carl Wieland is the Managing Director of Creation Ministries International

An individual's beliefs regarding creation science/creationism and the theory of evolution appear to influence their views on homosexuality. Creationist scientists and creationist assert that the theory of evolution cannot account for the origin of gender and sexual reproduction.[5][6] Creation Ministries International states: "Homosexual acts go against God’s original design of a man and a woman becoming one flesh — see Genesis 1 and 2, endorsed by Jesus Himself in Matthew 19:3–6."[7] In addition, the vast majority of creation scientists reject the notion of genetic determinism concerning the origin of homosexuality.[8]

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Richard Dawkins commentary on the God of the Old Testament

Richard Dawkins has accused the God of the Old Testament of being homophobic.[9] Yet, Dawkins has not explained why God, who is described as an all powerful spiritual being in the Old Testament, would be afraid of homosexuals.

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