Risky RINO Removal

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Risky RINO Removal is a term that applies to the notion of primarying Moderate Republicans or RINOs in swing or Democrat-leaning districts. In Delaware in 2010, the RINO governor, Mike Castle, was primaried by Christine O'Donnell, the favorite of the Tea Party, in the race for the United States Senate seat vacated in 2009 by Joe Biden, who became Vice President under Barack H. Obama. However, Tea Party candidates were less electable in Delaware, and O'Donnell lost the general election to a Democrat, Chris Coons a Biden ally who still holds the seat.[1]

Were Republicans to primary the anti-Trump U.S. Representative David Valadao of California, whose district is Democrat and voted by more than ten points for Biden, the seat could be lost to a Democrat, one of whom held it from 2019 to 2021.

The value of RINOs, particularly in the House, is debatable. When ten RINOs voted for the second impeachment of Donald Trump, the liberal media falsely portrayed it as bipartisan.

Moderates/RINOs too risky to primary