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Rock Creek Group is a “hedge fund of funds” manager based in Washington, D.C.. The firm is run by Iranian-born Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss, the firm's President and CEO. Afsaneh was named among the top 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds by The Hedge Fund Journal in 2011.[1]

Rock Creek Group has $7.3 billion assets under management.[2] The hedge fund manager was previously known as Carlyle Asset Management Group (CAMG), which was a division of the highly influential and politically connected Carlyle Group. Beschloss joined The Carlyle Group in 2001.[3] The Carlyle Group sold a 60% stake in CAMG to Afsaneh Beschloss and her management team in 2003 and completed the transfer to Beschloss and team two years later.[4]

Rock Creek Group has strong ties to Democrats and George Soros-backed groups. One of Rock Creek Group's senior advisors is Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a former Lt. Governor of Maryland and eldest child of former US Attorney General and US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy Townsend is also Chairwoman of American Bridge 21st Century. The American Bridge 21st Century was founded by Media Matters for America's David Brock.[5] American Bridge was set up to raise and spend unlimited funds to influence the 2012 elections on behalf of Democrats. According to, "American Bridge 21st Century was founded by David Brock, head of the George Soros-supported Media Matters for America, which is a so-called media watchdog group that has basically been on a mission to destroy Fox News and other perceived enemies of its liberal agenda."[6]

Another Rock Creek Group Senior Advisor is Laura D’Andrea Tyson, who currently serves on President Obama's Presidents Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. She also served in the Clinton Administration and was the Chair of The Council of Economic Advisers (1993-1995) and the President's National Economic Adviser (1995 – 1996). D’Andrea Tyson is also a Senior Fellow at the George Soros-backed Center for American Progress,[7] which is run by former President Clinton Chief of Staff and confidant John Podesta.

Rock Creek Group's own Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director Sherri Rossoff is married to Benjamin Chevat, the Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (Democrat - NY).[8][9] Maloney is a leading Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, which has jurisdiction over all issues pertaining to the economy, the banking system, housing, insurance, and securities and exchanges.[10]

Afsaneh M. Beschloss is a big supporter of Democrats, Barack Obama and liberal organizations. In 2008, she contributed $25,000 to the Obama Victory Fund, $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee and $2,300 to Obama for America.[11][12]

Rock Creek Group's CEO is also a Trustee of The Ford Foundation, a liberal foundation based in New York City that donates millions of dollars to far-left organizations. In 2010 alone, it allocated millions in contributions to George Soros-backed organizations such as Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America, run by the controversial David Brock. Other notable far-left groups it donated to include New Israel Fund, Astraea Foundation, Global Rights and Amnesty International.[13] She serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee for the foundation.[14] In addition to the Ford Foundation, Beschloss also serves on the board of the Urban Institute, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and sits is on the Investment Committee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.[15]

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