Roosevelt Corollary

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The Roosevelt Corollary was issued by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1904. The Monroe Doctrine, issued in 1823, asked the Europeans not to increase their influence on countries in the Americas. Roosevelt had grown concerned that, possibly, the Dominican Republic and it's creditors might spark an invasion of European powers on the Americas. So, he came out with the Corollary. It stated that the United States could, as a last resort, intervene so that the Europeans fulfilled their obligations to the Americas. Roosevelt said that the United States might "Exercise international police power in 'flagrant cases of such wrongdoing importance.'" The Roosevelt Corollary has served to justify the United States in Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The only time the Corollary has not been enforced was during the Falklands War of 1983 between the dictatorship in Argentina and the United Kingdom.