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Santiago de Chile
Gran Torre Santiago (39693576311).jpg
Map of Santiago de Chile communes.svg
Country Chile
Region Metropolitan Region
Settled 12 February 1541
Population 6.16 million
Area (sq mi) 641 km2 (247.6 sq mi)
Population density (/sq mi) 9,821/km2 (25,436/sq mi)
Demonym Santiaguino (-a)
Co-ordinates 33°27′S 70°40′W

Santiago de Chile is the capital city of Chile. The population of Santiago is estimated at 6.16 million. Santiago counts with the second biggest subway system of Latin America.[1]

The Presidential Palace of La Moneda is located in the city, however the Congress is in Valparaíso.

Santiago was founded in 1541 with the name Santiago del Nuevo Extremo by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia.

Today Santiago is the biggest and more important city of the Nation, is the political and economic center of the country and one of the most importants of Latin America.

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