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Social psychology studies the behavior and attitude of individuals in the presence of others.

As the name implies, it is a field of study between sociology (study of groups) and psychology (study of individuals) as it focuses on individuals within a group.[1]

Use by progressives

Writing at, Stella Morabito describes how for roughly 100 years those on the left have been using social psychology to advance whatever the agenda of the day happens to be. She mentions Same-sex marriage, Transhumanism, and the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, as examples of current events influenced by the early pioneers of modern propaganda. Two people she specifically mentions are Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays.[2] Glenn Beck made similar charges and highlighted the same names (Lippmann, Bernays) on his TV show.[3]

Examples of topics studied in social psychology

Examples of topics studied in social psychology include the study of social facilitation (how the mere presence of others affects us), nonverbal communication, social cognition - the interface between cognitive psychology and social psychology, which includes the study of interpersonal perception and the study of attitudes - and the study of interpersonal relationships.


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