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Soft drink aisle at the supermarket

Soft Drinks are non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, often sold in cans or bottles; in some contexts, any non-alcoholic ("hard") drink is considered soft.

Popular styles of soft drinks include cola, lemon-lime sodas, root beer, ginger ale and fruit-flavored drinks. For many of these, diet varieties are available as well. For varieties which are commonly caffeinated, non-caffeinated versions are sometimes available.

Drinking soft drinks (especially soda) is very popular for conservatives. In fact, most conservatives do prefer regular soda than diet, while liberals, on the other hand, are more likely to not drink soda, as they prefer more alcoholic drinks instead.[1]

List of Major US Soft Drinks by Manufacturer

A full list of soft drinks would be extremely long and impossible to keep updated. The major manufacturers have a recent tendency to frequently introduce limited-time brands; additionally, there are many minor regional brands in the US and both major and minor brands outside the US. The major US manufacturers operate internationally, and there can be variation in brand name or recipes from one country to another.