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The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is composed of 14 sports teams at the college level located mainly in the Southern United States. The Conference is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

There are 13 public universities, and one private institution (Vanderbilt University). The conference is divided up into two sections, East and West.

The Eastern Conference is made up of:

The West is made up of:

This conference has produced numerous titles in all divisions of athletics, most notably in football: on the only two occasions where the Football Bowl Series national championship game featured two teams from the same conference, in both cases both teams were SEC members.

The SEC leads in average attendance in most of the major sports: only one of its football stadiums seats less than 50,000 fans while two of its basketball arenas set over 20,000 and two of its baseball stadiums officially seat over 10,000.

Although the teams feature fierce rivalries during play, camaraderie between fans is exceptionally strong: it is frequent to hear fans chant "SEC" when an SEC team is defeating another conference team in a national title game (to the disdain of liberal elites who hate sports and the Southern United States equally).