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by a 52-48% margin
'''Brexit''' is a campaign slogan for 'Britain's Exit' from the [[European Union]]. The British people became the first nation to vote on a referendum whether or not to remain in membership to the EU on June 23, 2016. The historic vote shocked the world as the Leave campaign wonby a 52-48% margin. Prime Minister [[David Cameron]] campaigned to remain in the EU and with the results public, resigned his position. Former London Mayor [[Boris Johnson]] was a leader of the Leave camp. He is making his case to be Prime Minister.
Polling indicated a tight race, with 44% preferring to stay (anti-Brexit) and 42% supporting leaving the EU (Brexit), as of April 17, 2016.<ref></ref> Two weeks after Obama gave his support to Cameron and chided Britain to stay in the EU, a survey says Brexit gained 3% who want out. <ref>[ Obama fails to swing Britain behind EU as 'Out' takes poll lead, Reuters, April 28, 2016]</ref> Final results show Leave with 52% of the vote to Remain with 48%.
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