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United Nations

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The UN has also been criticized for promoting left-wing environmentalism and exaggerating reports on environmental damage.<ref>Richardson, Valerie (May 22, 2019). [ 'Authoritative propaganda': Skeptics blast U.N. warning of mass species extinction]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 23, 2019.</ref>
Totalitarian [[China]]'s influence in the UN has been increasing.<ref>Evansky, Ben; Shaw, Adam (July 13, 2019). [ Chinese influence surges at UN, as US warns of ‘concerted push’ to advance agenda]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved July 13, 2019.</ref><ref>Newman, Alex (July 10, 2019). [ Using Bribery and Threats, China Seizes Another UN Agency]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 13, 2019.</ref>
===Promoting Abortion===
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