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{{Userboxtop}}{{User Worldconservative}} {{User Canadian}} {{User CanadianBorn}} {{User sysopother}} {{User tolerancecompromisetruth}} {{User windows}} {{User Trump}} {{User Not Democrat}} {{User Not Obama}} {{User Not Hillary}} {{User Not Biden}} {{User Not McCain}} {{User Not Bloomberg}} {{User Not the Squad}} {{User progun}} {{User parties didn't switch}} {{User Catholic}} {{User Life begins|conception}} {{User Brave}} {{User male}} {{User marriage}} {{User prolife}} {{User noracists}} {{User NoEvo}} {{User anti-pot}} {{User Antihitler}} {{User Israel}} {{Userbox |border-c=#000 |border-s=1 |id-c=#fff |id-s=12 |id-fc=#000 |info-c=#ff0000 |info-s=8 |info-fc=#fff |id=[[Image:Liberal_Brain.jpg|60px]] |info=<center>This user knows that [[Liberalism]] is a mental disorder</center>}} {{User anti-fake news}}{{Userboxbottom}} <center><br><div style="align: center; width: 60%; padding: 1em; border: solid 2px gold; background-color: black;"> '''<font color="yellow"><big>When tyranny becomes "law", rebellion becomes duty</big></font>'''</div><br></center> ==Donald Trump==*Knows more about American history than most liberal politicians (who choose to buy into revisionist lies pushed by a Communist-infiltrated education system), particularly [[Barack Obama]] ([[The bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor|who thought a bomb was dropped on Pearl Harbor]] and [[Obamaisms|that the Selma march took place before his birth in 1961]]).*Knows and understands more about American government than most liberals (politician or civilian).*Knows more about compassion than most liberals think he does (i.e. sending aid to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and to areas of Texas and Louisiana hit by Hurricane Harvey).*Knows more about empathy than most liberals think he does (see above).*Knows more about forgiveness than most liberals think he does.*Knows more about contrition than most liberals care to admit.*Knows more about redemption than most liberals think he does (the redemption of America [[Barack Obama|after eight years under an illegal occupier of the White House]]).*Knows more about Christianity (and its importance to America and the world) than most liberals think he does.*Knows more about the Bible (and its importance in shaping American society and society as a whole) than most liberals think he does.*Knows more about self-control than any liberal cares to admit ([[Hillary_Rodham_Clinton#Results|as opposed to the Northwest likes of Hillary Clinton]] [[Hillary_Rodham_Clinton#Anti-Trump_violence_and_hate_crimes|and the Democrat Party and many of its supporters]]).*Knows more about ethics than any liberal cares to admit (and knows more about ethics [[Moral decline|than any liberal or Democrat, period]]).*Knows and understands far more about patriotism than any liberal (including the likes of Hillary, Obama and [[Colin Kaepernick]] and his fellow NFL kneelers).*Knows more about service than any liberal cares to admit ([[Donald Trump achievements|his service to America as its current President]]).*Knows more about honesty than any liberal cares to admit (and [[Liberal lies|more than most liberals, period]]).*Has a better understanding about science [[Climategate|than the frauds, hucksters and quacks who push "global warming/climate change" alarmism]] [[Greta Thunberg|and who use children as their pawns, props and mouthpieces to push their agendas]].*Has a better understanding of healthy eating than most liberals care to admit (and [[Michelle_Obama#Healthy_Eating_Failure|more so than Michelle Obama]]).*Has a better understanding of what a healthy lifestyle is than most liberals care to admit (see above).*Has a better understanding of exercise than most liberals care to admit.*Knows far more about American geography than Obama ([[Fifty-seven states|who thinks America has 57 states]]).*Knows more about spelling than many of those in today's education system.*Has far more respect for women than liberals do ([[Left-wing war on women|or care to admit]]).*Knows more about the sanctity of marriage than most liberals do ([[Hollywood values|or care to admit]]).*Is more patriotic than any of the [[clique]] of [[The Squad|far-Left, anti-American, anti-Semitic and racist Democrat congresswomen]] (and their supporters) he saw fit to criticize for [[anti-Americanism|their smearing of America and their lack of patriotism]]. ==Those who Abuse their Power==A poem by Francis Duggan, targeting those who abuse their power for selfish purposes: ''Those who abuse their power over others in their lust for renown<br>''Are those who are letting humanity down<br>''They come in all shades of colors black, white and brown<br>''And are to be found in every village and city and town<br>''For abusing their power they cannot have an excuse<br>''Since power does not give them the right others to abuse<br>''Any form of abuse does constitute a crime<br>''Though not all abusers do serve prison time<br>''Those with power over others who abuse their power are in minority<br>''And thankfully most people who do not abuse their power are of the majority<br>''But a few rotten apples in a bag does rot others as the wise one does say<br>''And there are far too many abusive people in the Human World of today<br>''Of more compassionate people as leaders in the World we are in need<br>''And the person who leads by good example is a good person indeed.''<ref>[ Those Who Abuse Their Power]</ref> ==Regarding children and the Internet==It's never a good idea for children to use the Internet without the supervision of a parent or other responsible adult, because when left to their own devices online, children with nothing better to do (especially when they have time off from school) and who haven't been taught better by some parents will invariably get into mischief online (as the vandalism of, and occasional attempts to deny access to, Conservapedia by some of those children demonstrates - in particular, one young troll who frequently comes to Conservapedia with numerous socks, all carrying vulgar variations of the screen names of the editors and admins he attacks with vulgarity, foul language and copypasted death threats as well as vandalizing other pages, but who I simply call the Juvenile Delinquent because of his junior high school-level immaturity, extreme childishness, use of vulgarity/foul language and lack of intelligence and originality - and every time he comes back with yet another sock to attack editors and admins and vandalize articles and user/user talk pages with more vulgar immaturity [on account of his refusal to take the hint that he's not wanted on this site and that he will ''never'' make it in the real world with that kind of attitude], all he does is keep right on proving '''''every single point''''' I make about him, [[Dunning-Kruger effect|which he is too clueless to get]]). Here's an example of what can happen when some such children take things one step further and decide to act the same way toward people face-to-face as they do online - especially if they go up against the wrong person with their childish behavior: [ Kid Caught Keying Cars Attacks The Man Who Stopped Him. It Doesn’t End Well] ('''Warning:''' Contains foul language; replaces two previous videos on YouTube, including conservative site Black & Blonde Media's original video, both removed by YouTube under a false claim of "violating" its community guidelines because it presented the full video of a mouthy kid acting aggressively and disrespectfully toward an adult who then retaliated against the kid, as opposed to other versions of the video at YouTube and on social media, selectively edited and presented out of context to make the mouthy kid look like the "victim" and the adult who retaliated look like a "bully") ==Subpages to this page==*[[User:Northwest/Applicable Scriptural quotes|Applicable Scriptural quotes]]*[[User:Northwest/Political memes|Political memes]] ==Authored essays==*[[Essay:A view on the CCP flu pandemic|A view on the CCP flu pandemic]]*[[Essay:Celebrity casualties of the CCP flu pandemic|Celebrity casualties of the CCP flu pandemic]]*[[Essay:What YouTube's updated censorship rules say vs. what they really mean|What YouTube's updated censorship rules say vs. what they really mean]] ==Things to work on at Conservapedia=====Articles to create===*[[All Elite Wrestling]]*[[Jim Crockett Promotions]]*[[Kateri Tekakwitha]]*[[Medical apartheid]]*[[Medical tyranny]]*[[Mental gymnastics]]*[[Othering]]*[[Ring of Honor]]*[[Scamdemic]]*[[Self-righteousness]]*[[Sinclair Broadcast Group]]*[[World Championship Wrestling]] ===Articles to improve===*[[Essay:Greatest Conservative TV Shows]]*[[Essay:Worst Liberal TV Shows]]*[[WWE Championship]] (offshoot of the [[World Wrestling Entertainment]] article) ==References=={{Reflist}}eat poo