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Liberal censorship

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'''Liberal [[censorship]]''' refers to [[liberal]] attempts to mute all opposition to liberal beliefs. This has become a core tenet of liberalism, and is an almost exclusively liberal practice in modern times. [[Deceit]]ful techniques of liberal censorship include:
*"a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that more Republicans than Democrats had their Twitter accounts suspended in the six months after the 2020 presidential election: 35% of Republican accounts examined received a suspension compared with 7% of Democrats."<ref></ref>
*Two elder [[Canada|Canadian]] musicians, [[Neil Young]] and [[Joni Mitchell]], pulled their songs off Spotify in protest of [[Joe Rogan]]'s anti-[[CCP]] flu "[[vaccine]]" podcasts there.
*[[ABC]] censored its story about [[Jeffrey Epstein]] during the [[2016 Presidential Election]], which might have hurt the chances of then Presidential Candidate [[Hillary Clinton]] (she later lost to [[Donald Trump]]), and then ABC fired a staffer in 2019 who told the truth.<ref></ref>
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