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The Reverend Father Professor Stanley L. Jaki OSB, born 17 August 1924 (age 99), is a Hungarian-born Catholic priest of the Benedictine Order, and Distinguished Professor at Seton Hall University, New Jersey.[1] Ordained in 1948 he went on to teach systematic theology at the School of Theology of St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In 1954 he began doctoral research in physics in the Graduate School of Fordham University, New York, mentored by Nobel-laureate Dr. Victor F. Hess, the discoverer of cosmic rays. Jaki has also conducted extensive research in the history and philosophy of physics at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. Between 1960-1962 he was Visiting Fellow in the Program for the History and Philosophy of Science at Princeton University. He has also served as a Visiting Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and a Fellow in the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton.[2]


  • STD in Systematic Theology, Istituto Pontificio di S. Anselmo (Rome, 1950)
  • PhD in Physics from Fordham University (1957)
  • Honorary doctorates
    • Central Michigan University (1974)
    • Steubenville University (1986)
    • St. Anselm's College (1988)
    • Marquette University (1989)
    • St. Vincent College (1989)
    • Fordham University (1991)
    • Seton Hall University (1991)


  • Praying The Psalms: A Commentary (2001)
  • Newman's Challenge (2000)
  • The Limits Of A Limitless Science And Other Essays (2000)
  • Means To Message: A Treatise On Truth (1999)
  • Theology Of Priestly Celibacy (1998)
  • Bible And Science (1996)
  • Lettres De Pierre Duhem A Sa Fille, Helene (1994)
  • Patterns Or Principles And Other Essays (1995)
  • Is There A Universe? (1993)
  • Genesis 1 Through The Ages (1992)
  • Reluctant Heroine: The Life And Work Of Helene Duhem (1992)
  • Universe And Creed (1992),
  • Pierre Duhem: Homme De Foi Et De Science (1991)
  • Olbers Studies (1991),
  • The Only Chaos And Other Essays (1990)
  • Catholic Essays (1990)
  • Cosmos In Transition: Essays In The History Of Cosmology (1990)
  • The Purpose Of It All (1990)
  • God And The Cosmologists (1989)
  • Miracles And Physics (1989)
  • The Savior Of Science (1988)
  • The Physicist As Artist: The Landscapes Of Pierre Duhem (1988)
  • The Absolute Beneath The Relative And Other Essays (1988)
  • Chesterton: A Seer Of Science (1986)
  • Lord Gifford And His Lectures: A Centenary Retrospect (1986)
  • Chance Or Reality And Other Essays (1986)
  • The Keys Of The Kingdom: A Tool's Witness To Truth (1986)
  • Uneasy Genius: The Life And Work Of Pierre Duhem (1984)
  • Angels, Apes And Men (1982)
  • Cosmos And Creator (1980)
  • Planets And Planetarians: A History Of Theories On The Origin Of Planetary Systems (1978)
  • The Road Of Science And The Ways To God (1978)
  • And On This Rock: The Witness Of One Land And Two Covenants (1978)
  • The Origin Of Science And The Science Of Its Origin (1977)
  • Science And Creation: From Eternal Cycles To An Oscillating Universe (1974)
  • The Milky Way: An Elusive Road For Science (1972)
  • The Relevance Of Physics (1970)
  • Brain, Mind And Computers (1969)
  • The Paradox Of Olbers' Paradox (1969)

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