Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is a climactic finale to the NFL in the United States, in or around the first week of February each year. The Super Bowl is watched annually with fervor by about 100.45 Million Americans (2019), mostly older men (between 18 - 49), while another roughly 3.4 Million stream (in recent times). [1]

The day is used as a selling point for Budweiser, Doritos, Miller Lite, Bud Lite, and other obscure companies trying to make itself mainstream. [2]

The Super Bowl bilks taxpayers and leaders in some regions of the country (such as northern New Jersey) have announced they do not want to host it for that reason.

Lack of Christian response

Throughout history, Christianity has responded to pagan or heathen annual celebrations by starting Christian events to compete, such as Christmas or (in some churches) New Year's Day. Surprisingly, that has not yet happened to compete with Super Bowl Sunday, but a Christian alternative might have a welcome reception if attempted.

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