T. M. Yarbrough

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T. M. Yarbrough​

In office
1919​ – 1921​
Preceded by M. B. Woodward
Succeeded by G. B. Smith​

Born ​Birth and death dates unknown
Resting place
Nationality American
Political party Democrat
Children Mrs. Truehart Yarbrough Tillman​

Residence Bossier City, Louisiana​
Occupation Farmer

T. M. Yarbrough was the third mayor of Bossier City in northwestern Louisiana, with service extending from 1919 to 1921. The community remained a village during Yarbrough's tenure as mayor.[1]

Little information is available on Yarbrough. He was in the livestock[2] and dairy business.[3]​ A grandson, Todd Yarbrough Tillman (1916-2013), was an administrator at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee, who later established Tillman Auto Parts in Bossier City and was an active figure in the Southern Baptist denomination.[4]


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