M. B. Woodward

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M. B. Woodward​

In office
1910​ – 1919​
Preceded by Ewald Max Hoyer
Succeeded by T. M. Yarbrough

Born ​Dates of birth and death unknown
Resting place
Nationality American
Political party Democrat
Children Mrs. Neill Albert Yarborough, Sr.​
Alma mater
Occupation Businessman

M. B. Woodward was the second mayor of Bossier City in northwestern Louisiana, with service extending from 1910 to 1919.[1]​ ​ About 1896, the Woodwards were among the first families to move to Bossier City. He was the manager of Southland Cotton Company.[2] Woodward was elected mayor to succeed Ewald Max Hoyer, the appointee of Governor Newton Blanchard and the founding mayor at the time Bossier City was incorporated as a village. It did not become a town until the middle-1920s.[1]

Little is available on Woodward's life. A son-in-law, Neill Albert Yarborough, Sr. (1893-1925), a member of the Louisiana State Police, was shot to death in the line of duty by a fugitive, Joe Airey, whom he had sought to arrest while the suspect was hiding out in a house. Upon Woodward's death, a mob lynched Airey and riddled him with bullets.[3]​ 0​ Woodward was succeeded as mayor by T. M. Yarbrough, no relation to Colonel Yarborough, despite the similarity of the names.​


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