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Ta'al (Arab Movement for Renewal) is an Arab-Israeli political party[1] led by Ahmad Tibi.[2] In the two latest elections to the Knesset the party ran on a joint ticket with the United Arab List; together they won four seats.[3]

Political positions

The party supports allowing the Arab refugees from the Israeli independence war to return to Israel,[4] a move which if carried out would lead to an Arab majority in the country and its unification with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a result.[5] The party also supports the formation of a Palestinian state,[4] despite the fact it is likely to pause a threat to Israel’s existence.[6]

Ta'al is closely allied with Palestinian terrorism, and its leader Ahmad Tibi was a staunch supporter of Yasir Arafat,[7] even though (or perhaps because) Arafat was an unrepentant terrorist until the end of his life.[8] In addition to supporting Arafat, Tibi has also collaborated with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, another Palestinian terrorist group.[9]