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Precedence for categorizing Doug Ford as a liberal

Okay, so you want to know why Doug Ford should be listed as a liberal in the category section at the bottom of his article? There is precedent for doing this, as there have been other politicians, in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, who originally ran as conservatives (or claimed to be so for the purposes of getting elected), only to turn liberal more recently when opportunity presented itself (e.g. with the current pandemic). A few examples below:

  • George H.W. Bush - ran on a conservative platform to succeed Ronald Reagan as President in 1988, but has turned more liberal in recent years and supported the far-Left Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she ran as the Democrat nominee against Donald Trump.
  • George W. Bush - ran on a conservative platform to get elected in 2000, but has drifted in a more liberal (or at the very least, RINO) direction in recent years.
  • Paul Ryan - presented himself as "conservative" while Barack Obama was in the White House, but went RINO after Donald Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016 and has been more supportive of liberal policies ever since.
  • Mitt Romney - presented himself as "conservative" when he ran for President as the GOP nominee in 2012, but began showing his true liberal colors with the rise and election of Trump in 2016 and has been so ever since.
  • Lindsey Graham - a liberal RINO on some issues, but embraces conservative positions solely for the sake of convenience when necessary.

Now, closer to home for me in Canada:

  • Kim Campbell - chosen as Progressive Conservative leader and was briefly Prime Minister after Brian Mulroney stepped down in 1993, but was a moderate at best during that time and has gone further to the Left in recent years, even making vile comments about Donald Trump a couple of years back.[1][2]

And, overseas:

  • Theresa May - was a member of the UK's Conservative Party but was never really "conservative"; became increasingly liberal after she became Prime Minister and took liberal positions on many issues during that time (including on Brexit).

That, along with the likes of Canadian premiers Jason Kenney (Alberta), Brian Pallister (Manitoba) and François Legault (Quebec), who likewise claimed being "conservatives" when they ran for office and were elected but whose inner liberals/totalitarians also came out after the pandemic hit (for the sake of going along with Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam), explains why Doug Ford, based on his current behavior (all documented via articles in Rebel News[3]) and on precedent, should be included in the Liberals category and why the version of the article as it was prior to it being reverted and locked[4] is the version that should be used. Northwest (talk) 07:04, 10 May 2021 (EDT)