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The following statement is somewhat bizarre: "many of the citizens that use the electric car use renewable resources as a source of power that do not produce pollution." How many citizens do this? "Many" electric car owners apparently. And the source for this remarkable information? Anyway, do they have their own windmills powered up to charge their batteries or what? Their own hydro plants perhaps? --British_cons (talk) 17:46, 19 March 2007 (EDT)

there are many different nonpolluting resources that people use today, solar power, wind power, water power, etc.

There are many things which use electricity. Your computer, a factory which makes cars, and an electric car. All these do not produce pollution at the point where they use electricity - the pollution is generated earlier at the power station. All of these could be non-polluting if a renewable energy source were used. An electric car is no more or less naturally polluting than any of these. The fact that it could be made non-polluting if a non-polluting source were used says nothing about an electric car that could not also be said about the other electricity users. The idea that electric cars are automatically non-polluting is false. If there were a massive change in the electricity producing industry then they, along with your computer and the car making factory would be non-polluting.--British_cons (talk) 04:02, 20 March 2007 (EDT)

yes I admit that you are correct on most of that, but all electric cars can get power from solar powered charging stations -here is a url to a picture; I can't figure out how to get it onto the page --Benburned 19:46, 20 March 2007 (EDT)

I removed this...

I removed the following:

An electric car has not yet been made that is safer than many of the gas alternatives, however it does not need gas so it pays for itself and is environmentally friendly. Some could parallel the electric car to a hydrogen powered car, though the technology for a hydrogen powered car is not yet refined to the point in which it can be mass produced. Electric cars are not currently mass produced.

It's very poorly written, uncited, and the last part doesn't actually tell us anything and is redundant. HelpJazz 00:23, 29 January 2008 (EST)

Henney Kilowatt myth

The Henney was not transistor controlled. I know several sources claim this, but it just isn't true. I suspect this picture, and the inaccurate description, came from Wikipedia. Even They've corrected this, so I hope someone who has the authority will rectify this situation.


I like electric cars despite some drawbacks. I am serious when I say buy electric cars to support coal miners. --Jpatt 10:58, 19 April 2016 (EDT)

It also might support nuclear power (which I am also happy to do), depending on the provider. Personally, I disagree, since they still seem inconvenient and sometimes underpowered. The possibility of spontaneous combustion isn't very comforting, either, though that was supposedly just the Chevy Volt (which Obama promoted ad nauseam). IF they become efficient enough with sufficient range and power, sure, I'll consider changing, though like you, not for "saving the planet," but for efficiency and safety. After all, gasoline is generally more flammable that batteries, as long as they put them together properly. --David B (talk) 11:08, 19 April 2016 (EDT)