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User Pious' edit

That looks like a good start. I don't see any major issues here, but as you requested, here are my thoughts:

  • Although CP is not focused on being "politically correct" I generally use the accepted terms (African-American rather than black, Caucasian rather than white, etc.) so as not to unnecessarily offend. As far as I know, there is no specific CP policy on this topic, but we certainly don't bind ourselves to all of the left's rules. There are editors here who simple use "white" and "black."
  • Cannabis is the proper name of "weed," but "marijuana" is the better-known name. I would suggest you leave both names there, with one in parentheses. For example, "They support the legalization of marijuana (cannabis)." That's also your choice, though. It's okay as it is.
  • After reading the current text, I'm wondering "what is their purpose now?" If they abandoned their racist ideals, what drives the group now? is is simply a social club?
  • Finally, it seems odd to me that they would all change their beliefs entirely after just one speech. Did Haile Selassie make a very powerful speech, or exceptional points? Was there some resistance to this change, or was there perhaps already a tenancy in this direction? It's fine if not, but this sounds a little abrupt.

In all, this looks pretty good. Let me know if/when you want me to look ever anything else! --David B (TALK) 00:59, 17 July 2016 (EDT)