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Conservapedia:Manual of Style/Politicians - Myk 02:41, 3 April 2007 (EDT)

Reversion explained

No such thing as a "centrist Republican." There are conservative Republicans and liberal Republicans. Stevens is plainly the latter.--Aschlafly 20:04, 31 July 2008 (EDT)

I was using the placement on the GovTrack site, which put Stevens in the middle of the left/right spectrum. Since you either are or aren't a Republican, that is not in dispute. If you want to call him a liberal Republican because he votes in the center, then that would make John McCain a liberal Republican as well, because his record is slightly to the left of Stevens'. --DinsdaleP 20:23, 31 July 2008 (EDT)
You haven't established credibility for the "GovTrack" rating system.--Aschlafly 20:27, 31 July 2008 (EDT)
Would the American Conservative Union be a better source for something like this? --Benp 20:37, 31 July 2008 (EDT)
Without looking at its rating for Stevens, I would certainly consider the ACU more credible.--Aschlafly 20:43, 31 July 2008 (EDT)
Taking a look at their ratings, Dinsdale is a very limited sense. For 2006 (specifically,) the ACU rates McCain and Stevens almost identically (64 and 65.) However, McCain's 2007 rating is higher, and his lifetime rating is considerably higher (to the tune of about 20 points, 82.16 to 64.45.) Given the long service of both men, I think we can consider their lifetime ratings pretty reliable.--Benp 20:53, 31 July 2008 (EDT)


I'm fine with using the ACU ratings, because any valid source is an improvement to the article. As for the credibility of Govtrack, I had Googled "Ted Stevens voting record" and it was one of the top results. The site struck me as particularly credible because it uses open-source code and open-source data; if there's any improper spin on the results the public is free to verify it for themselves. From their "About" page:

"An independent, non-partisan, non-commercial website launched in September 2004, was the first website whose primary goal was to provide comprehensive legislative tracking for everyday citizens and was the first congressional transparency website to embrace Web 2.0 and principles of open data. was a 2006 Webby Award nominee and has been mentioned in The New York Times, the The Washington Post, and ArsTechnica."

One of the more interesting pages on the site was the one I used to draw the McCain/Stevens comparison. It graphically arranges all the members of both houses of Congress based on their voting records in the current session (you were right, Ben - I didn't see a career-based view). --DinsdaleP 21:25, 31 July 2008 (EDT)

Edit war

The same applies here. If there's something wrong with the edit as added (and I don't know either way) then say what the problem is. If the edit is true, then add a citation. Edit warring is not the answer here. HelpJazz 19:53, 12 November 2008 (EST)