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With all this discussion about German tanks going on today, Victor Suvorov tells a funny story about his time in the GRU working out of the Vienna embassy. He says one time they had to send back to Moscow a very large crate on a pallet with a tag of it being a diplomatic pouch. His assignment was to accompany it to the airport through customs, armed with a submachine under his jacket with instructions to shoot anyone, including Austrian government officials, who tried to look inside the crate. So the Austrian officials tried to hold him up at the airport while they contacted their higher ups and NATO asking what to do. They speculated the crate contained the latest German tank engine - a priority of the GRU. Suvorov just played along as they tried to get information from him.

He said actually, the crate contained a bunch of old, outdated propaganda leaflets they wanted to dispose of cause it was taking up too much space in the embassy. They couldn't burn that many documents cause the smoke would create a panic, that the Russians were about to abandon the embassy before war started. They couldn't dispose of the leaflets by some local disposal service, cause then journalists and the public would learn the extent of Russia's interference in local politics and elections. So they just crated it all up and shipped it out, and let the Austrians and Westerners believe whatever they wanted to think. RobSGive Peace a chance 04:12, January 21, 2023 (EST)