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Teenage atheism is the lack of religion in peoples of the ages 13–19. Teenage people who adopt Atheism often do so because of a lack of teachings about God from parents, which many in past generations enjoyed. In addition, they often are ignorant about the evidence for Christianity. Another factor may be peer pressure, as modern society has become largely secular and teenage people who profess religion (especially Christianity) are ridiculed, and in cases, bullied. Yet another factor may be the teaching of evolution as fact in public schools.

In the United States, most individuals with atheist parents abandon the atheist worldview (see: Atheism and its retention rate in individuals).

Public schools used to teach scripturally-sound moral values, such as a good work ethic, quite frequently. These teachings are largely absent in modern public schools.

Associated with teenage atheism are rebellion, free love, drug use and other ideas of liberalism. Often, teenage atheists are adopting these principles in rebellion.

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