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Teresa Marinovic
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Member of the Constitutional Convention of Chile, District 10 (Santiago)

From: 4 July 2021 – 4 July 2022
Predecessor -
Successor -
Party Independent, previously close to the Republican Party
Spouse(s) Ricardo Alcalde Rodríguez
Religion Catholic

Teresa Margarita Natalia Marinovic Vial (born 3 February 1973, Viña del Mar) is a Chilean from Croatian descent right-wing conservative lawyer and political columnist.

She has a degree in Philosophy, with a major in Contemporary Philosophy. She has worked as a university professor and columnist in El Mostrador, as well as in the television area of Radio Bío-Bío. She was a columnist for LUN and is the Executive Director of Fundación Nueva Mente. She has nine children.

Political career

She supported the José Antonio Kast presidential campaign in 2017 and 2021. At first she supported open borders to immigration to later change that position. She also is pro-life, simpatices with paleolibertarian ideas and is a Pinochet defender.

In the 2021 May elections[1] she obtained 39.7 thousand votes, playing an important role on the failure of the far-left Constitutional Convention by auditing it (the first leftist attempt to change the Chilean Constitution). She was elected thanks to an agreement between the Republican Party and National Renewal in which she was included without the consent of the last party, she remained independent nevertheless.

She said "I believe that the fundamental agreement we have to reach has to do with what a Constitution is. For me, the Constitution should limit political power, avoid all the extremes derived from the concentration of power. You can have a more right-wing government, a more left-wing government and the Constitution must allow them to function, to apply their own public policies and implement their government program. But, on the other hand, it has to be very clear in the limits to that political power, because when it is concentrated it is tremendously dangerous, it is a matter of seeing what has happened in Venezuela".[2]

In 2023 she continued defending the Constitution and started criticizing José Antonio Kast and the Republican Party for starting to support the "In Favor" option of changing the text.


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