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A touchdown occurs when a football player crosses the goal line of the endzone of an opposing team with the football. In most leagues including the National Football League, Arena Football League, Canadian Football League, college and high school football, a touchdown is worth six points. After a touchdown is scored the team that scored the touchdown will kick an extra point field goal that if completed is worth one point.

National Football League

Most touchdowns in one season

Player Team Year Pos Num Notes
1 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers 2006 RB 31 Also threw two touchdown passes in 2006.[1]
2 Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks 2005 RB 28 Led the NFL in rushing yardage as well as touchdowns[2]
3 Priest Holmes Kansas City Chiefs 2003 RB 27 Holmes record breaking touchdown came on a forth down and two play[3]
4 Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams 2000 RB 26
5 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys 1995 RB 24 Led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory in 1995.
6 John Riggins Washington Redskins 1983 RB 23
7 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos 1998 RB 23
8 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers 1987 WR 23 Most touchdown is a single season by any wide receiver in NFL history.
9 O.J. Simpson Buffalo Bills 1975 RB 23

Emmitt Smith

Dallas Cowboys 1994 RB 22 Broke his own record a year later (1995).

Chuck Foreman

Minnesota Vikings 1975 RB 22

Gale Sayers

Chicago Bears 1965 RB 22 Broke the record in his rookie season and is still today the record holder for most touchdowns for a rookie.

Most Total Touchdowns

[4] Player Pos Num
1 Jerry Rice WR 205
2 Emmitt Smith RB 165
3 Marcus Allen RB 145
4 Marshall Faulk RB 136
5 Cris Carter WR 131
6 Jim Brown RB 126
7 Walter Payton RB 125
8 John Riggins RB 116
9 Lenny Moore RB 113
10 Barry Sanders RB 109