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A transsexual is a person who has had, or plans to obtain, an anthropomorphic sex change, and many are involved in transgender activism. It is a form of gender confusion.

A "trans man" is a person who was born biologically female, but due to gender confusion considers herself to be male; similarly, a "trans woman" is a person who was born biologically male, but due to gender confusion considers himself to be female.

Biologically, a transsexual can be defined as a person who has a gender identity that differs from their own primary sex characteristics. In order to obtain a sex change, established international medical standards require someone to be treated for gender identity disorder for at least one year, with unsuccessful resolution of the medical disorder without surgical means, and it is intended to stop insane people and crossdressers from getting SRS, as it would cause more harm to their mental health. It is intended to be used only as a last resort, when all other therapies have failed.[1]

Transsexuals do not occur in nature;[2] they are created by cosmetic surgeons and pharmaceutical hormone treatment. Scientific and philosophical research is increasingly showing that sex changes do not change one's actual gender in a substantial way.[3][4]


  2. A caveat: approximately 1 in every 2000-5000 births, depending on which study is cited, are born intersex or hermaphrodite. These however, are born, not anthropomorphic or surgically altered.
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