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"The heavens are telling of the glory of God. And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands." (Psalm 19:1 NASB)

Indian Music


Indian women songs:

Indian songs upbeat:

Indian duos:

Indian music general:

Lata Mangeshkar:

Lata Mangeshkar old songs:

Na Autographs songs:

Punjabi music:

Tamil music:

Nepali music

Greek Music

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Middle eastern music

Farid El Atrash:

Lebanese music

Nancy Ajram:

Rhythmic/fun Arab, Turkish and Kurd songs

German music

German classical music




Richard Strauss:

Austrian classical music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Austrian music


French Songs

Classic French songs:

French love songs:

French contemporary:

Indila songs:

French classical music

Maurice Ravel:

Claude Debussy:

Irish and Irish-American Music Collection

Celtic battle music

Scottish music


Scottish street music

Norweigan music

Norweigan classical music

Philippines music

Swiss music

Spanish and Latin Music

Spanish and Latin Music

Rumba guitar and dance

Latin America music - additional

Russian and Slavic Music


Upbeat Slavic music:


Ukraine folk music and Malanka celebration

Ukrainian contemporary music

Swedish Songs

Italian music

Lou Monte:

Bahamas and Caribbean music

Somali Music

Chinese Music

Japanese Music

Traditional Jewish music

Korean Traditional Music

Korean Contemporary music (English):

Asian pop music

Kurdish music

Aziz Waisi:

Koreh Aziz:

Specific songs or playlists

Tunisian Music

Turkish Music

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Balkan music