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"Businesses that make up the FIRE economy include banks and credit unions, credit card companies, insurance agencies, mortgage brokers, investment brokerages, real estate agencies, hedge funds and more."[2]


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In 2011, CNN Money recently wrote:

- "While the Internet's impact has also killed some jobs, it creates about 2.6 jobs for every one destroyed"

- "Companies using the Internet with a high intensity grow twice as quickly as low-intensity Web companies, export twice as much as they do, and create more than twice as many jobs."

- "In the United States alone, the Internet drove 15% of the country's economic growth between 2004 and 2009"

Independent internet workers vs. other workers:

In November of 2011, CNBC reported:

"MBO Partners found just the opposite. Nearly 80 percent of independent workers in the survey say they are highly satisfied (58 percent) or satisfied (21 percent) with their work situation; just 11 percent are dissatisfied. Only 19 percent plan on looking for a traditional job in the next 24 months. Instead, 63 percent plan to continue as independent workers; 12 percent say they want to build their operations into businesses with employees."

In 2010, the popular news website The Week reported that only 45% of workers reported liking their jobs, so clearly independent workers are much happier with their working life than the average worker.

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Matterhorn - "Get your eyes up. This is your dream. You are - on top of the Matterhorn." - Alfons, the climbing guide [1]

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