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Format: Title(points per)(number made)

Minor Edit of an existing entry(2)(28)

  1. Massachusetts: grammar, ref format, other - rm some excessive information diff
  2. Bernard Redmont: grammar with spacing, also sp diff
  3. Scott Lively: clean up + add wikilinks diff
  4. Half-brother: more links and extra space removed diff
  5. Monogamy: fixing definition + more description diff
  6. United States v. Bird: format (bolding) diff
  7. Matthew Shepard Act: links and format diff
  8. Congress: grammar and sp diff
  9. QB: Redirected to Quarterback Version as of creation
  10. USC: Redirected to University of Southern California Version as of Creation
  11. University of Southern California format/wikify diff
  12. Vincent Van Gogh removed extra return diff
  13. Simulation Argument just some grammar and formatting diff
  14. Mendel's principles of genetics added title in opening paragraph diff
  15. Prayer: grammar and format diff
  16. 2007 NFL Draft: grammar diff
  17. High School: another link diff
  18. Indicator: grammar diff
  19. Scott Lively: format diff
  20. Instructional television fixed service: format diff
  21. Consumer Surplus: bold diff
  22. Soft drink: added references section diff
  23. Soda: redirected to Soft drink Version as of creation
  24. Misogynists: redirected to Misogyny diff
  25. Misogynyst: redirected to Misogyny Version as of creation
  26. Misogynists: redirected to Misogyny Version as of creation
  27. Lighthouse: format diff
  28. Eddystone Lighthouse: added link diff



Minor Edit of an Existing Entry + De-Dead End(3)(22)

  1. Fulham F.C.: undead-ending diff
  2. Half-brother: de-dead end + minor formatting diff
  3. High School: grammar+de-deadend diff
  4. Hepatitis B vaccine: rm random breaks, also - de-dead-end diff
  5. Hyposensitivity: foramt and de-dead-end diff
  6. Ignorance: grammar, de-dead end diff
  7. Journalism: de dead end and also grammar: journalism is not a verb - therefore it is not the act of something diff
  8. Lisp: de-dead end and spelling - also rm OR/bias diff
  9. Rice: de-dead end and grammar diff
  10. Rhythm: de-dead end diff
  11. Order: de-dead end, grammar, bold diff
  12. Opinion: de-dead end, bold diff
  13. Patriot: de-dead end diff
  14. Population: de-dead end diff
  15. Plea: de-dead end, bold diff
  16. Plaintiff: de-dead end, bold diff
  17. Peninsula: de-dead end diff
  18. Perpendicular lines: de-dead end diff (two edits)
  19. Recursion: de-dead end diff
  20. Misogyny: format, rm pov, de-dead end diff
  21. Nature vs. Nurture: format, de-dead end diff
  22. Mission: de-dead end diff



Minor Edit + Most Wanted(5)(3)

  1. Template:Expand(9 links): redirect to Template:Stub Version as of creation
  2. Stanford(5 links): redirect to Stanford University Version as of creation
  3. Windows(7 links): redirect to Windows (disambiguation) Version as of creation



Short New Entry(4)(1)

  1. Middle School: new article Version as of Creation



Short New Entry + Most Wanted(7)(2)

  1. Discrimination(7 links): new page - most wanted Version as of creation (plus a few edits by me for minor mistakes)
  2. Windows (disambiguation)(7 links): linked to Microsoft and described glass Version as of creation (2 edits)



Ordinary New Entertainment-related Entry + Most Wanted(5)(1)

  1. 2003 NFL Draft(7 links): new page diff



Quality edit of an existing entry(4)(2)

  1. Congress:reference and a lot more info diff
  2. In God We Trust: formatting, more info, reference diff



Quality edit of an existing entry + De-Dead End(5)(3)

  1. Rent: de-dead end, more info to definition already there, also added another def., de-dead end diff (four edits)
  2. Prejudice: add definition, reference, see also section, de-dead end diff (two edits)
  3. Probable cause: add more on definition, reference, de-dead end diff (three edits)



Quality New Entry(10)(2)

  1. Waves: 9 sections (at least 5 paragraphs if everything was combined). Two categories. version as of creation
  2. Eddystone Lighthouse: 5 sections, each with a paragraph, one category, one image version as of creation



American Government Terms(1)(4)

  1. Bill of Rights diff
  2. Constitution diff
  3. Philadelphia Convention diff
  4. Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School Dist. diff




About 203 points.

Day 1

14 (14)

Day 2

54 (68)

Day 3

108 (176)

Day 4

27 (203)

Day 5