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Vladimir Zhirinovsky in 2016

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsk (Russian:Влади́мир Во́льфович Жирино́вский, 25 April 1946 – 6 April 2022) is a Russian politician, he is the current leader and co-founder of the nationalist party Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, which he led from 1989 until his death in 2022.

Zhirinovsky was born in Almaty in the Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union, and has the rank Colonel in the Red Army in the 1960s.

Zhirinovsky is a member of the State Duma, the Russian parliament, where he was Vice Chairman from 2000 till 2011, as same with other political leaders in the Duma, Zhirinovsky had good ties with President Vladimir Putin. He is described as a populist with extreme nationalist views.

Political views

Zhirinovsky has called for Alaska to be taken by force and believes this would put the rest of America 'at gunpoint'.[1] In 2008, Zhirinovsky suggested dropping nuclear bombs over the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to flood Britain.[2] In April 2017, Zhirinovsky announced he will raise a glass of champagne for the resignation of Donald Trump, should the actions of the US president take him to impeachment.[3]


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