World History Homework Seven

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World History Homework Seven
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture.

You can substitute in a question from honors into your regular assignment, if you are not in honors. You can also substitute in a question raised from class or the lecture.

1. Approximately when and where did the Renaissance occur?

2. Martin Luther: who was he, what did he do, and when did he do it?

3. What was the Baroque style, and what was its motivation?

4. Summarize the history of the English language.

5. Chinese dynasties (any one or all), Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia: take your pick and write about one.

6. Why did the Renaissance occur in Europe, and not in other areas of the world, such as Asia?

7. Current events: Who would you describe as "Machiavellian" today, and why?

Honors Questions (answer any 3 in addition to the above questions)[edit]

H1. What are the particular strengths and advantages of the English language?

H2. Do you consider the non-Catholic English Christians (the Anglicans) to be "Protestants"?

H3. What was the effect of the Reformation, or what is your view of it?

H4. Describe an example of anti-Christians trying to drive a wedge between Christians (have to go beyond the lecture for this one).

H5. How did Judaism and Christianity lay the groundwork for the scientific and artistic achievements of the Renaissance?

H6. Chivalry, revisited: write about any aspect of this issue that you like.

H7. Dante's great work about Hell: something we should hear more about today? Your view, please.

H8. Write about any other aspect of the material covered by the lecture.